A funny, true story

This is a true story, and one that I still find really funny! This is when I was in Grade 8 (12 -13 years old) and all of the students had been preparing for a presentation oral and the purpose was to come up with some kind of ‘ad’. I chose to do my adContinue reading “A funny, true story”

Stuff you probably didn’t know about Autism Spectrum Disorder, unless you’re autistic!

Trigger warning for all autistic people: the following article mentions the below topics: Functional labels Aspergers Syndrome and its beginning history in WWII, including original derogatory terms and research by Hans Asperger Past and present eugenics research ABA An organisation that shall not be named…but we all know which one it is! Please note thatContinue reading “Stuff you probably didn’t know about Autism Spectrum Disorder, unless you’re autistic!”


I’m an exhausted pigeon! It’s my own fault, really, what with working full-time, running two small businesses, being a Mum and keeping my cats alive…it’s all exhausting stuff! Luckily, I enjoy it all, otherwise it’d be some form of hell! I wouldn’t just be an exhausted pigeon, I’d be an exhausted, asshole crow! I haveContinue reading “Pigeons”

Why I don’t teach my child that lying is bad

I don’t teach my child that lying is bad. My child, like me, is autistic and we have different ways of thinking about and reacting to things than the average neurotypical person. The age-old topic of lying, particularly on the reasons why you shouldn’t and mustn’t lie, are rooted in societal and religious “golden” standards,Continue reading “Why I don’t teach my child that lying is bad”


I was diagnosed at age 34. I remember it being a mixture of relief and curiosity. I had suspected for a long time that I was autistic, but the diagnosis was the validation that I needed from years of wondering. Why was I so different? Why do I have this feeling like I don’t belong?Continue reading “34”