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About Me

I’m a quirky individual who likes quirky things with numerous eclectic tastes, and who mostly loves to paint.

I don’t like waiting for things. I don’t like traffic lights and think it’s about time we all had an AI traffic light system, which can see the flow of traffic and allow cars to go, especially when there are no cars to wait for! Did I mention I don’t like waiting?!

I like logic and efficiency. Some people think I’m hilarious (mostly my mother).

Organisation is a thing other people are good at, although I’m trying to get better at it.

I like philosophy and history, jazz music and being in nature.

I really hate annoying noises. Especially unexpected loud noises. The worst is when a dish has been dropped on the floor. I really enjoy peaceful, quiet silence.

The worst things in the world are watching golf and the sound of the clap that people do at golf tournaments. It’s not even really a proper clap sound. It’s this weird, annoying, out of sync, soft clappity clap clap noise that people only do at golf. I can feel irrationally irritated when I hear the soft clappity clap clap golf clap.

I particularly like the sound of New Zealand crickets (there are some good YouTube videos on the sounds they make). It reminds me of a summers day in the Bay.

I only like to listen to music that is written in a minor key. I do not like music that is written in a major key as it’s too happy and upbeat. My mother made me learn Suzuki Piano when I was a child and it was all mostly written in a major key. Needless to say I still refuse to play the piano. I like the minor key because it has beautiful intricacies and melodies, which incorporates far more emotion than just a boring one-two dimensional major key melody.

I love comedy.

I find getting my hair done stressful, although I do like the result of a good haircut. My hairdresser is lovely. It’s not her. It’s the giant mirror. You just don’t know where to look and eye contact for no reason is an unsettling experience. Liken it to looking directly at the sun without sun glasses.

Apart from all of that, I am a fiercely protective and proud mother.

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